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Pool Solar Panel Guys is fully operational organization that purposes to deal with services related to solar panels for pools. Pool Solar Panel Guys is a top quality service provider which has stayed in business of solar panels for pools for quite a long time and has been able to understand the markets demand quite well. Pool Solar Panel Guys harbors high quality equipment for service production, it also operates in line with the set regulations by the concerned authorities who often inspect the services offered by the Pool Solar Panel Guys to ensure that they are up to date.


Tips from experts

The most important tip about solar heating is the fact that you should always ensure that your solar collector is in a position where it gets access the maximum sunlight so that you heating system functions efficiently. Heating water is a great use of solar power. Use solar power to cut pool heating costs since most solar pool heating systems are cost competitive with conventional systems and have very low operating costs. Maintenance solar systems are not a problem that should bother any of our customers since the problem ends with them calling Pool Solar Panel Guys experts to assist them. After the installation, no worries arise since solar panels will always be on the roofs safe freom damages.


Why heat the pool

While pool are often bought or manufactured to recreate, exercise, relax and for therapeutic or social reasons, many find that the pool is often too cool to enjoy. Heating the pool therefore makes it to be enjoyable and jumped into several times so it is very important to find the right pool heating system to maintain the constant temperature of the water. Solar panels for pools not only make pools warmer but also extend the season in colder climates.

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Solar panels can heat the pools to temperatures between the mid-70s and high-80s. While the pool may cool overnight, the temperature rises again quickly from morning to mid-afternoon

Maintenance of solar panels for pools

Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore properly installed solar panels need little maintenance. Solar panels should be inspected a few times a year for any dirt and debris that has collected on them and washed with a garden hose. Just make sure the solar panels are not hot when washing with cold water otherwise they might just crack.

In areas where a lot of debris and dirt are collected on the panels, using automated programmed cleaning systems may be a better option of keeping the panels clean. A third option is to hire a professional solar panel cleaner. Batteries will also need to be replaced once or twice during the solar panels lifetime.

Solar panels can break and therefore need to be handled properly during cleaning, installation and during battery replacement. Staff at Pool Solar Panel Guys is quite familiar with this fragile equipment and have the knowledge of handling them properly. Call Pool Solar Panel Guys on 888-237-1102 today or visit us any time for order of our services or for enquiries and customer care service will help you.

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